Peak Performance through Professionalism by The Goals Institute

Peak Performance through Professionalism

By using the Five Keys to being a true professional, participants learn how to be more effective in the workplace, enhancing their performance and collaboration with their colleagues and others above and below them in the organization. Even the more senior members of an organization can benefit from this program as it provides reminders of some of the skills they may have forgotten as well as new insights and additional pointers.

As a Participant you will learn how to

  • Optimize your performance and become the best at what you do

  • Use skills and techniques to give you a competitive advantage

  • Enhance your communications and interactions with colleagues and others in your organization

  • Bolster your confidence and commitment for doing what is right

  • Polish your professional image, appearance, and conduct

The Benefits and Outcomes of the Program have been shown to

  • Reinforce a culture of positive values, moral conduct, and professional behavior

  • Emphasize the importance and value of being professional and a peak performer

  • Inspire accountability and responsibility

  • Motivate team members to raise the quality and excellence of their work

  • Provide a framework for consistently improving performance both individually and as a team

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What is included?


Program Overview
Peak Performance through Professionalism
Peak Performance through Professionalism Training Program Video
46 mins
Module 1
Introduction and Character - the first of the 5 Keys
Module 2
Attitude and Excellence - the second and third of the Five Keys
Module 3
Competency and Conduct - the fourth and fifth of the Five Keys
Module 4
Review of the key points relating to all Five Keys and The Quest